Maggie: The Pain Is the Horror

When there’s even a semblance of trouble for their children, parents throw their paternal, protective cloak around them. If they know the child’s in harm’s way, they’ll go head on to divert the problem or ensure the child’s nowhere close. But what does a parent do when his daughter’s inflicted with a deadly virus that’ll … Continue reading Maggie: The Pain Is the Horror

Tanu Weds Manu Returns: Fun Redux

In a fast-food world where falling in love and then fighting to keep that love going because the logical culmination to all of this seems to be marriage, Tanu Weds Manu Returns takes a breezy look at "..and they didn't live happily ever after." What causes couples who fought the whole world to be together … Continue reading Tanu Weds Manu Returns: Fun Redux

Big Lies Behind Big Eyes

There’s a scene in “Big Eyes” where a habitué of a pub walks past a set of paintings with a couple of women, and when pointed to the paintings by one of them, the Italian (Aaron Craven) goes ga-ga about the paintings. He asks around about the painter.  And then, the camera looks at Amy … Continue reading Big Lies Behind Big Eyes

Bombay Velvet: from black to Black Label

What’s a director like Anurag Kashyap to do, when his project is flush with funds and is headlined by Hindi film industry’s young, pushing-the-envelope, adventurous actors? Should he give up his black label (tag) and move to Black Label (premium tag)? As it so happens, he chooses the latter. Set in the Bombay of the … Continue reading Bombay Velvet: from black to Black Label

Piku mo(ve)ments!

If you've ever had a grandfather or any other relation who, as you grew up, stopped talking about the freedom of movement and bemoaned their bowel movement, Amitabh Bachchan's Bhaskar Banerjee will make you feel at home right away. A funny, quirky, endearing look at an argumentative Bhadraloki and his daugher, Piku is director Shoojit … Continue reading Piku mo(ve)ments!