Tamasha: Magic Paring

Today’s college-going folk might not realize this, but there was a time that, if you part of a middle-class family, your education and career choice was pretty much made for you, even as you let out the first wail in the delivery room. Aptitude was something that you were supposed to develop, go out and … Continue reading Tamasha: Magic Paring

Spectre: Mergers and Starry Trek Voyages

Life in general was much, much simpler and less convoluted in the good old days. You got a job, preferably one in the government, a family, and then went about life with the efficiency and excitement of a device in cruise control. About the only bumps and excitement in life would be weddings and funerals. … Continue reading Spectre: Mergers and Starry Trek Voyages

Titli: A Larva of Horrors

No one told you life is eventually about where you are on the economic development cycle. That if you’ve ridden the cycle and find yourself somewhere at the top of the curve, you’ve got a good life. You’re pretty much insulated from what happens to the population that’s swimming at the bottom of the curve, struggling … Continue reading Titli: A Larva of Horrors