Pancham: Just a Song Before I Kill

Party scenes in Hindi movies have always had an arterious connection with the movie plot, and even more so with the soundtrack. And I don’t mean today’s party songs that are only reason for you to reach out for your goggles, as the strobe lights and thumping beats assault your sensory sensations, more often numbing … Continue reading Pancham: Just a Song Before I Kill

‘Raman Raghav 2.0’ review: See Real Killer

Amidst the passel of everyday problems that the average person faces, how does that person react when they feel very strongly about a disagreeable person or situation? You and I would, in all probability, ignore it and get on with living our lives. Some of us might pick up pen and paper (figuratively, while actually … Continue reading ‘Raman Raghav 2.0’ review: See Real Killer

‘Udta Punjab’ Review: Uncomfortably Numb

A panoramic night shot of a long stretch of road surrounded by fields. A trio on a bike, the two-wheeler’s headlights cutting through the night with an efficiency that’s as eerie as it is inevitable. A packet of drugs flung with an action that would give an Olympic discus throw athlete an elbow-locking complex. The … Continue reading ‘Udta Punjab’ Review: Uncomfortably Numb