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‘Banjo’ review: Instrument Engineer

By on September 25, 2016

Reading Time: 7 minutes Right from my childhood days in Bombay (before the printers and sign-board companies made a killing off of the name change), festivals meant some immutable markers – delectable food and new clothes. And, rising above the colour and gaiety, the unmistakable decibel flight of frantic drums, cymbals, and the sure, sharp sound of the banjo. […]


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‘Pink’ review: Not Just Another Colour

By on September 18, 2016

Reading Time: 6 minutes I don’t know about you, but I don’t count myself as one of those who’d pay to get punched in the solar plexus. But a full house of a cinema hall and I did just that yesterday, and thanked the perpetrators for this bruising wallop to our somnolent senses. The said perps are director Aniruddha […]

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‘Sully’ review: Grace for Impact

By on September 12, 2016

Reading Time: 5 minutes Choices. As human beings, everything that we do is eventually is the result of choices we’ve made at some cross-road of our lives. We exercise choices at every point in our timelines. (I mean our lives’ timelines, not the one where we choose to update our status or share cat photos.) Most of us have […]

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‘Akira’ review: The Agony of Aunt Twerp

By on September 10, 2016

Reading Time: 4 minutes THIS WEEK, READERS WRITE IN TO AUNT TWERP, DABSTER IN THINGS ALL SAID AND not done, and get some world-wise advice on resolving knars on their tree of life. So, here goes. Dear Aunt, I booked tickets for Akira thinking it was a biopic on Akira Kurosawa. I’m still wondering what happened. Yours befuddled, Red Beard […]

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