‘Dear Zindagi’ review: Three Chairs for Life

Somewhere after the interval, a gentleman sitting behind me in the cinema hall let fly these profound words in a markedly stylish, know-all accent, “Someone tell this b*** to get a life.” My first instinct was to turn around and request the stony (if not stoned) voiced drawler to get another cinema hall. But then, … Continue reading ‘Dear Zindagi’ review: Three Chairs for Life

‘Force 2’ review: Biceptic and Triceptic

ACP Yashvardhan (John Abraham) enters into the frame for the first time in director Abhinay Deo’s Force 2 in a crisp, sparkling white shirt and cargoes, and the audience in the cinema hall hoots and whistles in joy. That’s the last time that shirt retains its lineage to Snow White, and is eventually dwarfed by … Continue reading ‘Force 2’ review: Biceptic and Triceptic

‘Ventilator’ review: Breathe Easy

There was a time – and a generation – when there existed a concept called “favourite uncle” or “favourite aunt”; “favourite cousin” even. Today, the “uncle”, “aunt”, and “cousin” have dissolved into nodding acquaintances and been replaced by a far more embracing and intimate group - “video game”, “website”, and “app”. The echt family structure … Continue reading ‘Ventilator’ review: Breathe Easy

‘Dr. Strange’ review: Marvel at the Universe

If I were to pose a universal question to you - namely, What is that one entity who, all human beings, regardless of race, religion, or economic status, take for granted? – what would your answer be? No, it’s not that aunt who knits away sweaters for ungrateful nieces and nephews; nor is it that … Continue reading ‘Dr. Strange’ review: Marvel at the Universe

‘Kahaani 2’ (p)review: A wowdunit?

In Kahaani, director Sujoy Ghosh turned the concept of the hunter and the hunted upside down, a la the much maligned but very entertaining Taking Lives – the final twist in the Angelina Jolie thriller very cleverly adapted to the noise and chaos of Durga Puja in Kolkatta. With the trailer of Kahaani 2 out, … Continue reading ‘Kahaani 2’ (p)review: A wowdunit?

Dear Zindagi trailer (p)review: dear zingy di

In her second directorial outing in Dear Zindagi, director Gauri Shinde swerves her camera for a very highly anticipated project. With Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt onscreen, you can be sure of some sparkling performances. To me, it looks like Shah Rukh’s some life coach for Alia, and the latter’s extremely fond of spewing … Continue reading Dear Zindagi trailer (p)review: dear zingy di