Dear Zindagi trailer (p)review: dear zingy di

In her second directorial outing in Dear Zindagi, director Gauri Shinde swerves her camera for a very highly anticipated project. With Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt onscreen, you can be sure of some sparkling performances. To me, it looks like Shah Rukh’s some life coach for Alia, and the latter’s extremely fond of spewing some zingy, some groan-inducing word play, when she’s not behind the camera, being a smart cinematographer.  Just the kind of didi children adore.

Alia Bhatt cycles with her optometrist’s equipment, while Shah Rukh Khan remains behind and benign

Don’t let the teasers fool you, though. Dear Zindagi might not sail on only smart one-liners – be ready to have a good sniffle or two, too. (Wonder what Alia’s character would have had to say about that word play.) I worry about the post-interval scenario, though – call it the post-modern affliction in Hindi cinema. But all things said and undone, Dear Zindagi is a welcome trait and wait. (I’m sure i can crack better jokes, no Kaira?)

Dear Zindagi peddles life’s lessons in cinema halls beginning November 25, 2016. 

Watch the teaser of Dear Zindagi here:


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