Pancham: And Yet Again…

And yet again, you trend on social media.

And yet again, doohickeys come out of the woodwork, professing how you made their careers, or how they made yours.

And yet again, you are worshiped and put on the pedestal.

And yet again, there’s no dearth of stories of others composing the mukhda or a now iconic music piece, while you bathed or slept or were stumped.

And yet again, there’s that painful truism – there’s just that single letter that separates ‘fame’ and ‘fade’. And those two letters meld only in your case – making you the MD who, Sphinx-like, rose, and then rose to tower the music scene.

And yet again, the irony of it all.

And yet again, that sharp pain.

And yet again, the what-ifs.

And yet again, memories of our friendship, where I was your friend and you the ship making my life a musical cruise.

And yet again, everything’s the same.

And yet again, you’re chuckling at the hypocrisy of it all.

And yet again, you’re a legend.

And yet again, you’re not here.

And yet, again there’s you everywhere..


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