Pancham: tipsy with a lilt

When composer Rahul Dev Burman offers such a lilting tumbler filled with haunting melody, he’s baiting even nephalists to throw away their cup of tea and grasp this sparkling beauty. Mixing his eclectic concoction with ominous portends into a flute glass, adding a stirrer of sarangi, and some delicious freshly plucked sitar on the side, he offers up a beautiful mukhda and antara meter for Majrooh‘s wine listing-like imagery that leaves that just much place for a hiccup.

Plus of course to add to your kick, there’s the heady vocals. Asha Bhosle blends like a crystal-clear stream in Scotland flowing into a distillery to add an immeasurable % v/v buzz. No matter what other avatars this tune took, this kick is unforgettable. 

Pancham-Asha-Majrooh: a kick in every musical sip.