2017: Ten Best Performances

The ten best performances in 2017 that touched, moved, stunned, and made us think.

2016 @ 24 Frames per Second

Another year’s coming to an end, and here’s a sampling of moments from life that was in a cinema hall (or home theatre.) This isn’t a recommendations list, nor is it a ratings compilation. Just a random (but not exhaustive) snapshot of how 2016 rolled by at the rate of 24 frames a second. The … Continue reading 2016 @ 24 Frames per Second

2015 @24 Frames per Second

  Right off the bat, this isn’t a list. This isn’t a best and worst compilation. And this isn’t a recommendation communique either. Also, no five-star rating based statistical effort here. Just a glimpse at some moments of life in a cinema hall (and home theatre) in 2015. Piku Amitabh Bachchan’s imperfect bowel and perfect … Continue reading 2015 @24 Frames per Second