‘Daddy’ review: A Life of Why

Director Ashim Ahluwalia’s Daddy unwaveringly and unequivocally fails on all counts, leaving you stunned at the enterprise and its unhappy achievement. Which is a bit of a surprise, really. For, based on Mumbai’s underworld gangster, Arun Gawli, you’d have thought the man’s life story and his rise and fall would have automatically made for some spiffy and crackling material onscreen.


‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’ review: Batsman Returns

As director James Erskine sat down to write the script for Sachin: A Billion Dreams, one can only imagine him grappling with the quintessentially existential questions that must haunt anyone who sets out to make a docu-drama on a much-loved, much-adored, and much-revered personality – what’s to be the POV for this feature? How much … Continue reading ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’ review: Batsman Returns

‘Hidden Figures’ review: A Calculated Success

Imagine you are a woman. (If you actually are, you can safely skip this part.) Imagine, also, that you’re a woman who belongs to a race, religion, or caste, that’s discriminated against. Imagine that you’re sharp, intelligent, and ambitious. Imagine that you’re strait-jacketed by the forces of discrimination at work and in the society, your … Continue reading ‘Hidden Figures’ review: A Calculated Success

‘The Founder’ review: One Stake, Well Done

“What we expect from you is honesty, integrity, and team work, making sure you don’t do anything wrong or violate this company’s values,” said he, munching insistently and intently on his paan masala, his brown-stained teeth a messy giveaway of the years of masticated drumming they’d been subjected to. He being the manager in the … Continue reading ‘The Founder’ review: One Stake, Well Done

‘Dangal’ review: First Class Coach

We menfolk have it rather good, don’t we? There’s nary a phase of discrimination in our lives, be it while pursuing our education, while deciding what we want to do with our lives, while pursuing our interests, while establishing ourselves at our work places, or even while looking for a soul mate. Life for most … Continue reading ‘Dangal’ review: First Class Coach

‘Sully’ review: Grace for Impact

Choices. As human beings, everything that we do is eventually is the result of choices we’ve made at some cross-road of our lives. We exercise choices at every point in our timelines. (I mean our lives’ timelines, not the one where we choose to update our status or share cat photos.) Most of us have … Continue reading ‘Sully’ review: Grace for Impact

Truth: A Rather Superscript

Without any of us actually realizing it, there’s one factor in our current, connected, perennially and pervasively connected lives that’s become as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. And that integrated calculus derivative of the 21st century is news. No matter which spectrum of the social media you belong to – FOMO (Fear of missing … Continue reading Truth: A Rather Superscript

Neerja: Braveheart and Breakheart Boarding Pass

Even as you enter the cinema hall for Neerja, you get a feeling that usually begins to froth and rise within you while you stand in line to collect your boarding pass for your flight. And that feeling yerks as you board the flight and look at the aircraft crew, knowing for the duration of … Continue reading Neerja: Braveheart and Breakheart Boarding Pass

Talvar: Two Sides Of a Razor’s Edge

Suppose you are a writer. Suppose you want to write a script on a murder case that shook the nation’s imagination, comfort, and questioned the very defined rules for middle class folks. Suppose the case you write on is still in courts. And suppose in all of this, the nation’s citizens have already passed their … Continue reading Talvar: Two Sides Of a Razor’s Edge

Manjhi – The Mountain Man: A Mountain of Despair

It’s amazing what stories lie in any country’s boondocks – unbelievably strange, haunting, and something most of us cannot even fathom or imagine. India is no exception, though these stories remain buried and away from our everyday hustle of life’s bustles. Full credit, then, to director Ketan Mehta for bringing the story of Dasharath Manjhi … Continue reading Manjhi – The Mountain Man: A Mountain of Despair