‘Hindi Medium’ review: Nightmare on Ed. Street

It was so with Anurag Mathur’s The Inscrutable Americans, where to me, the highlight was the letters Gopal wrote from the USA to his younger brother in India. And it was so with the photocopied page of a foreign magazine that I had in my possession, listing signage across the world, ostensibly meant to guide … Continue reading ‘Hindi Medium’ review: Nightmare on Ed. Street


‘Noor’ review: Hollow Ma’am

You’re facing what is possibly the biggest crisis of your life. You’re at your wit’s end, wondering how on earth you’ll ever resolve it. No, your boyfriend hasn’t given you the thumbs down. And no, your first date didn’t end up with you slobbering all over your mains. It’s much worse than this and anything … Continue reading ‘Noor’ review: Hollow Ma’am

‘Mukti Bhawan’ review: A Celebratory Triumph

“I’m so tired of this life. I just want to go off now.” If you’ve heard these lines from any elder in your family, chances are that your reaction would be an irritated roll-of-the-eyes at this seemingly bromidic utterance, for which you neither have the time nor the patience. Make the time. Garner the strength … Continue reading ‘Mukti Bhawan’ review: A Celebratory Triumph

‘Phillauri’ review: Tree’s Company

The title of this piece has just about a tenuous thread to what follows. Much like the no-connection between the trailer of Phillauri (citizen of Phillaur) and the movie feature. I’ve lamented about how misleading trailers can be, either upping your expectations only to realize the heights were but an illusion - flashback to my … Continue reading ‘Phillauri’ review: Tree’s Company

‘The State vs Jolly LLB 2’ review: Judge Dread

The law’s an ass, but not in the classic sense of the phrase. Not in India, at least. Here, with the ratio of a judge to the civilian population an unbalanced 10 to a million (in the year 2015) and over 30 million cases running in different courts, the law’s an overloaded, overworked ass. Ditto … Continue reading ‘The State vs Jolly LLB 2’ review: Judge Dread

‘Teesri Manzil’ review: The Fall and the Rise

{This review was first published in the inaugural issue of Pancham Times, a publication conceptualized and crystallized into nostalgic reality by the panchammagic group based out of Pune, India. To know more about this group, visit http://panchammagic.org/. You can also follow them on Facebook @panchammagic and on Twitter at @panchammagic.} The fall is as horrifying as an … Continue reading ‘Teesri Manzil’ review: The Fall and the Rise

‘La La Land’ review: Life and Los Angelic

There’s a new drug in town. It is, as a matter of fact, ubiquitous and pervasive across the world. Its primary vehicles are the social media, the online and print media, the political and apolitical events swarming this world we live in, and other forms of information constantly being barrelled down our eagerly addicted receptors. … Continue reading ‘La La Land’ review: Life and Los Angelic

‘War Dogs’ review: The Dogs Must Be Crazy

WAR IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. MAKING RESPONSIBLE MOVIES DEPICTING WAR STORIES IS SERIOUS BUSINESS TOO. Making movies that have war as the schema above which their true stories are hovering and crafted but ride on humor is shades deeper serious work. The criminally underrated The Hunting Party (starring Terence Howard and the criminally underrated Richard Gere) … Continue reading ‘War Dogs’ review: The Dogs Must Be Crazy

‘Ki & Ka’ Review: Ki Sera Sera

A married couple, both good friends of mine, celebrated their wedding anniversary this Friday, and what better gift to the notoriously lovey-dovey couple, I thought, than tickets to Ki & Ka? Directed and co-produced by R. Balki, who also co-wrote this movie with Rishi Virmani, it promised to be a perfect date movie, and I … Continue reading ‘Ki & Ka’ Review: Ki Sera Sera

Kapoor & Sons (Since 1921): Perfectly Imperfect Family Photo

Looking back, it’s amazing what a fantasy Sooraj Barjatya’s Hum Aapke Hai Koun…! was. In today’s terms, it set a classic template for wedding-cum (no pun intended) –happiness porn. The movie put the toothpaste ads to shame, gave the beatific Arun Govil (of TV serial Ramayana) a complex, and set unrealistic expectations of life, marriage, … Continue reading Kapoor & Sons (Since 1921): Perfectly Imperfect Family Photo