‘Bulbbul’ review: A richly hued canvas that’s dipped in gender violence

Reading Time: 3 minutes Why is it that most folklore and campfire catechisms tell of horrors that *female* forms take, usually to slake their bloodthirsty urges? Writer-director Anvita Dutt’s ‘Bulbbul’ is the visually stunning answer.


‘Bad Education’ review: A Tight Tale About a Tight Con

Reading Time: 3 minutes Director Cory Finley spins a tight tale about a true-life embezzlement scandal that throws light on an education system that encourages top rankings for schools at a price no one knows they’re paying. Or do they? Oh yeah, and Hugh Jackman shines in a layered act.

‘The Outsider’ review: A Cloud of Horror and Grief

Reading Time: 3 minutes ‘The Outsider’ is a take on Stephen King’s novel by the same name. And while there’s plenty of chills and horror in quiet doses, it is what that hovers over it in its strangely tenderly terrorizing take that’s become so apt in these strange times: grief and the fear of loss.

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