CSN’s ‘Cold Rain’: Infinite Loneliness

As we constantly stare at glowing screens right from the time we rub open our bleary eyes until we slip into fidgety, if not insomniacal REM-sleep cycles, we’re also doing ourselves a disservice, apart from the nocturnal overdrive we push ourselves into. Little do we realize that at the heart of all the connectedness and … Continue reading CSN’s ‘Cold Rain’: Infinite Loneliness

Pancham: Flashback to the Future

[I wrote a mildly modified version of this piece in the Pancham group on Facebook as part of the Aaina Wahi Rehta Hai: Flashback with Pancham theme. This group is truly the most vibrant and informative one on Pancham on Facebook. Thanks to ever-vigilant and enthusiastic admins, blame and flame throwers are reined in quickly, … Continue reading Pancham: Flashback to the Future

Kanu Roy: Addicted to Pain

If there was one composer in Hindi cinema who could wrap his baton around your emotions and squeeze it to cause a pain so exquisite that you’d go back for more, it was the sadly underrated Kanu Roy. With a trademark vibraphone traversing across hitherto unexplored and untouched strings in your soul, Roy composed and … Continue reading Kanu Roy: Addicted to Pain

Carpenters: Better Than Chocolate, Really

When the world’s going as crazy as it is now – and to add an extra topping to our miseries, we can’t even escape what’s going around us – there’s just one thing to do. Find solace, and quick. The trick, then, is to locate that one bromide - it’s a world of fast-food and … Continue reading Carpenters: Better Than Chocolate, Really

Bee Gees: The Spirits Just Keep Flying

Ever wonder what that exuberant, light-headed feeling of love was ever like? Does it even, ever exist? When it doubt, wear your flying tweeds and head right into Spirits Having Flown. In their fifth album, the eponymous number by Bee Gees is a winner all the way. In the little-over-five minutes of magic that the … Continue reading Bee Gees: The Spirits Just Keep Flying