Brothers: Shattered Hearts, Bones, and Eardrums

When it comes to remakes of movies, the director and the audience face a dilemma of sorts. For the director, it’s the challenge of how much to adapt the story to their milieu. How much of the original content they ought to retain to acknowledge the remake, and how much of their oeuvre shadow do … Continue reading Brothers: Shattered Hearts, Bones, and Eardrums


Foxcatcher: Simmering Magma Opus

Director Benett Miller didn’t have to go as far as Cain and Abel to make a movie that has its roots in a deadly wrap of sibling jealousy and rivalry, albeit one-sided. Instead, he bases his movie on the real life story of brothers Mark and Dave Schultz, both Olympic wrestling gold medal winners. Not … Continue reading Foxcatcher: Simmering Magma Opus