Pancham: And Yet Again…

And yet again, you trend on social media. And yet again, doohickeys come out of the woodwork, professing how you made their careers, or how they made yours. And yet again, you are worshiped and put on the pedestal. And yet again, there's no dearth of stories of others composing the mukhda or a now … Continue reading Pancham: And Yet Again…

Pancham: Just a Song Before I Kill

Party scenes in Hindi movies have always had an arterious connection with the movie plot, and even more so with the soundtrack. And I don’t mean today’s party songs that are only reason for you to reach out for your goggles, as the strobe lights and thumping beats assault your sensory sensations, more often numbing … Continue reading Pancham: Just a Song Before I Kill

Alan Rickman: Hanging On To Every Word

I watched “The January Man” only for Kevin Kline.  And I came about this movie as I doxed the VHS rental video library for anything on Kline, thanks to “A Fish Called Wanda”. Oh, how I swung from loving him to hating him in this mad caper, him having a petulant ball of a time, … Continue reading Alan Rickman: Hanging On To Every Word

Pancham: A Special Guest Appearance

  In Hindi movie parlance, a “guest appearance” connotes an actor of repute who’s not in the parade of the main protagonists. However, she/he makes an appearance right at the time when you’ve had enough of the lead actors; or, just when you think the fun couldn’t get any wackier, the special appearance actor adds … Continue reading Pancham: A Special Guest Appearance

Happy Birthday, Pancham!!

Happy birthday, dear Pancham from your instruments standing around, waiting for you to cut your cake: Santoor: "You made me rain happiness, soak your fans with bliss, sometimes I was sensual, sometimes poignant, sometime love, sometimes an unexpected filler in a pop song. Happy birthday!” Trumpet: “How I swing and dance in your songs! But … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Pancham!!