‘Kahaani 2’ (p)review: A wowdunit?

In Kahaani, director Sujoy Ghosh turned the concept of the hunter and the hunted upside down, a la the much maligned but very entertaining Taking Lives – the final twist in the Angelina Jolie thriller very cleverly adapted to the noise and chaos of Durga Puja in Kolkatta.

With the trailer of Kahaani 2 out, it’s clear that director Ghosh and Vidya Balan are out to the push the noir envelope – note the darkly lit shots that are cut promisingly with a grey filters of a flashback through a personal diary. Of course, with the handsome Arjun Rampal playing a cop – no one can quite make the uniform bristle with oomph like he can, no ladies? – there’s the danger that Vidya Balan’s character would rather get the mystery solved and spend more time with him. But, this isn’t a P.S. I Love You.

Kahaani 2 promises the tense grip of a thinking thriller combined with – dare I hazard a guess? – the supernatural, maybe.  And I can’t wait to see how Ghosh will supplement the movie with Vitamin P – that’s Pancham (Rahul Dev Burman)  –  and his magnificent scores – an Aaj Ki Raat, pretty please?

Bring it on, Durga Rani Singh, we await without.

Kahaani 2 haunts cinema halls beginning December 2, 2016.

Watch the trailer of Kahaani 2 here: