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Tamasha: Magic Paring

By on November 28, 2015

Reading Time: 7 minutes Today’s college-going folk might not realize this, but there was a time that, if you part of a middle-class family, your education and career choice was pretty much made for you, even as you let out the first wail in the delivery room. Aptitude was something that you were supposed to develop, go out and […]


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Spectre: Mergers and Starry Trek Voyages

By on November 21, 2015

Reading Time: 6 minutes Life in general was much, much simpler and less convoluted in the good old days. You got a job, preferably one in the government, a family, and then went about life with the efficiency and excitement of a device in cruise control. About the only bumps and excitement in life would be weddings and funerals. […]

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Titli: A Larva of Horrors

By on November 1, 2015

Reading Time: 6 minutes No one told you life is eventually about where you are on the economic development cycle. That if you’ve ridden the cycle and find yourself somewhere at the top of the curve, you’ve got a good life. You’re pretty much insulated from what happens to the population that’s swimming at the bottom of the curve, struggling […]

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Shaandaar: Royal Blues

By on October 24, 2015

Reading Time: 6 minutes Many years ago, I had a “lucky” shirt. Royal blue in color, I came to realize in hindsight, that this was one of those statistically superstitious artefact that proved itself time and again of how much I needed it, and not for sartorial reasons. You know how this works. You wear a shirt (or a […]

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Bridge Of Spies: The Humane Exchange Program

By on October 18, 2015

Reading Time: 6 minutes A quick quiz to exercise your vision on patriotism and betrayal: let’s say there’s this RAW agent who is embedded in Pakistan, carrying out espionage on India’s behalf. Completely dedicated to our country’s cause, he’s a thorough gentleman in every sense, a well-behaved citizen in Pakistan, but stealing information from there to pass on to […]

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Jazbaa: The Beauty and The Feast

By on October 11, 2015

Reading Time: 5 minutes Let’s say there’s this new restaurant in town. It’s being hosted and launched by a gorgeous restaurateur, who’s been out of circulation for a while now. To help her launch this new effort are Michelin star chefs, who are known to be on top of their game all their careers. So, with some excitement and […]

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Talvar: Two Sides Of a Razor’s Edge

By on October 4, 2015

Reading Time: 6 minutes Suppose you are a writer. Suppose you want to write a script on a murder case that shook the nation’s imagination, comfort, and questioned the very defined rules for middle class folks. Suppose the case you write on is still in courts. And suppose in all of this, the nation’s citizens have already passed their […]

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Phantom: The Ghost Who Mocks

By on August 30, 2015

Reading Time: 4 minutes As the movie ends, you realize just how many lives and families were destroyed by the 26/11 attacks.  And for now, the only closure we can resign ourselves to is the filmic “Phantom,” while the ghosts of the masterminds continue to mock us from beyond the borders.

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Manjhi – The Mountain Man: A Mountain of Despair

By on August 23, 2015

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s amazing what stories lie in any country’s boondocks – unbelievably strange, haunting, and something most of us cannot even fathom or imagine. India is no exception, though these stories remain buried and away from our everyday hustle of life’s bustles. Full credit, then, to director Ketan Mehta for bringing the story of Dasharath Manjhi […]

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Brothers: Shattered Hearts, Bones, and Eardrums

By on August 17, 2015

Reading Time: 5 minutes When it comes to remakes of movies, the director and the audience face a dilemma of sorts. For the director, it’s the challenge of how much to adapt the story to their milieu. How much of the original content they ought to retain to acknowledge the remake, and how much of their oeuvre shadow do […]

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