‘The Irishman’ review: A Ruminating and Poignant Tale

Reading Time: 6 minutes Martin Scorsese takes a languid, mellow, and poignant look at a life that was all powerful and raging bull in the past and now hovers within a knowing sigh. It could well be about each one of us and each of our countries, right now.


‘Escape at Dannemora’ review: A Rectangular Triumph

Reading Time: 3 minutes Director Ben Stiller keeps the simmer on in his superbly crafted mini-series, keeping the tension and drama at high tensile, even as he zooms into the minds of his protagonists to understand what makes them do what they do to lay out this complex true-life story.

‘The Family Man’ review: Lyin’ Eyes

Reading Time: 6 minutes With writer Suman Kumar, directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. spin out a series that’s a zinger for the most part. ‘The Family Man’ soars when it swoops down to the minutiae of everyday life. And Manoj Bajpayee is its trump card—he sure can hide those lyin’ eyes.

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