Pancham: A Return Birthday Gift

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I’m not sure if you ever saw the birthday cards I posted you this time of the year to your Maryland address before you relocated to a heavenly one.

But you’ll be as stunned every year this day as I — and your admirers from when you were mortally around — are, with the tsunami-like burgeoning admirers you’re gathering around you. And rightfully so!

For your birthday, I’ve arranged for this classy party, where everyone’s soaked on a high — there’s an opening brass section, a beautiful flute, violins (that are faintly reminiscent of the coda for the movie Hum Naujawan), and then some beach-like percussion with the reso-reso dancing insistently.

Rahul Dev Burman’s birthday on June 27

Oh yes, the synths sprinkle golden dust for Asha Bhosle‘s vocals, tablas that pick up the rhythm and beat.

Good so far? Wait…there’s more. What about the brass in the interlude giving way to hip-swaying Calypso music? And then, how about that leading to a pleasantly chirpy chorus that increases in participation and volume, culminating into tense (and intense) harmonies…? And this is a brilliant brainwave! — get in Jolly Mukherjee for a tight rap piece, the bass guitar plucking mercilessly, killing everything in its sight.

How about some beautiful jazz in the next interlude before getting the Jolly good rapper bouncing off the bass, this time the cross-over music a sharp hiss of synth.

Good no? I guess that’s all I can do, Pancham. Gift this number that you composed back to you and thank you for creating a ‘dooba dooba nashe mein’ world for all of us here.

Happy birthday Rahul Dev Burman!

Dooba Dooba Nashe Mein from Drohi

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