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‘Allied’ review: Love In Casa-Blah-nca

By on January 8, 2017

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe opening sequence is as poetic in its hushed arrival as they come. A beautifully choreographed parachute landing in the deserts of the Sahara circa 1942 shows you the magnificently piliferous Brad Pitt cast away his jumping jack and proceed towards Casablanca. Director Robert Zemeckis couldn’t have given us a better welcome than this in […]


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‘Dangal’ review: First Class Coach

By on December 24, 2016

Reading Time: 7 minutesWe menfolk have it rather good, don’t we? There’s nary a phase of discrimination in our lives, be it while pursuing our education, while deciding what we want to do with our lives, while pursuing our interests, while establishing ourselves at our work places, or even while looking for a soul mate. Life for most […]

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‘Force 2’ review: Biceptic and Triceptic

By on November 20, 2016

Reading Time: 6 minutesACP Yashvardhan (John Abraham) enters into the frame for the first time in director Abhinay Deo’s Force 2 in a crisp, sparkling white shirt and cargoes, and the audience in the cinema hall hoots and whistles in joy. That’s the last time that shirt retains its lineage to Snow White, and is eventually dwarfed by […]

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‘Dr. Strange’ review: Marvel at the Universe

By on November 6, 2016

Reading Time: 6 minutesIf I were to pose a universal question to you – namely, What is that one entity who, all human beings, regardless of race, religion, or economic status, take for granted? – what would your answer be? No, it’s not that aunt who knits away sweaters for ungrateful nieces and nephews; nor is it that […]

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‘Shivaay’ review: High Anxiety, Extended Version

By on October 29, 2016

Reading Time: 5 minutesFor the second time in as many weeks, I’ll invoke the parent in you – and this time, it’s because director Ajay Devgn – venturing behind the camera for the second time – doesn’t give you any choice. For, Shivaay is all about a single parent and his daughter, and the former’s travails (a mild […]

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‘Inferno’ review: Dark Brown Template

By on October 15, 2016

Reading Time: 5 minutesAuthor Dan Brown cracked the template of success amidst the bosky of financial turkeys he churned out initially. Set stories in a 24-hour template, add dollops of historical scientific documentation, real-life dark societies and their practices, and cults; add to this mix modern technology, the works of venerated Renaissance artists or scientists, a test-tube of […]

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‘Banjo’ review: Instrument Engineer

By on September 25, 2016

Reading Time: 7 minutesRight from my childhood days in Bombay (before the printers and sign-board companies made a killing off of the name change), festivals meant some immutable markers – delectable food and new clothes. And, rising above the colour and gaiety, the unmistakable decibel flight of frantic drums, cymbals, and the sure, sharp sound of the banjo. […]

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