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2017: Ten Best Performances

By on December 24, 2017

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe ten best performances in 2017 that touched, moved, stunned, and made us think.


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‘Mukti Bhawan’ review: A Celebratory Triumph

By on April 8, 2017

Reading Time: 6 minutes“I’m so tired of this life. I just want to go off now.” If you’ve heard these lines from any elder in your family, chances are that your reaction would be an irritated roll-of-the-eyes at this seemingly bromidic utterance, for which you neither have the time nor the patience. Make the time. Garner the strength […]

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‘Force 2’ review: Biceptic and Triceptic

By on November 20, 2016

Reading Time: 6 minutesACP Yashvardhan (John Abraham) enters into the frame for the first time in director Abhinay Deo’s Force 2 in a crisp, sparkling white shirt and cargoes, and the audience in the cinema hall hoots and whistles in joy. That’s the last time that shirt retains its lineage to Snow White, and is eventually dwarfed by […]

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