‘Paatal Lok’ review: No Way Out

Reading Time: 5 minutes The discomfiting yet must-watch ‘Paatal Lok’ takes ‘Chinatown’, Indian societal rot, and other fetid ingredients, and hammers them all to pulp. Best not to hold your popcorn tub in its midst.

‘Newton’ review: Grawitty in Gravity

Reading Time: 7 minutes Director Amit V Masurkar proves there’s hope. And he does this with a movie that’s unarguably carved its place in the rarefied group that will adorn the top of the list of 2017’s best movies. Newton is a stunning cinematic achievement, eschewing the high-ground or low-browed paths, choosing instead, to a take delightful path of rib-tickling, witty walk-around, not wearing anything on its sleeve, and yet making you cogitate on so many issues it highlights with the warmth of a friendly glow-worm.

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