‘Kumbalangi Nights’ review: Casting a Net

Reading Time: 3 minutes Writer Syam Pushkaran and director Madhu C. Narayanan weave a delightfully soaring movie about four brothers, raising laughs and quiet emotions as their relationships push and pull, and they find the meaning of love within and without their four corners.


‘Super Deluxe’ review: A Philosophy of the Universe

Reading Time: 5 minutes Taking seemingly stray incidents across different people’s lives, director Thiagarajan Kumararajan creates an intimate microcosm of the universe, nay, of our galaxy. With a terrific ensemble cast, ‘Super Deluxe’ is a heartfelt and intimate rumination on life, politics, relationships, sex, lust, and life, in a never-ending circle that connects all of its characters and their struggles in the most unexpected ways.

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