‘Omertà’ review: A Code of What?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Director Hansal Mehta makes a bewilderingly staccato and dawdling movie about a terrorist; and it’s up to actor Rajkummar Rao to do the heavy lifting and mesmerize you.

‘Simran’ review: Flaunting Flawed

Reading Time: 4 minutes The spark and fire generator is Kangana Ranaut, who comes through all shining and emotional armor. Her act as the thieving Praful is nothing short of brilliant. The first time she robs a counter and races away in her car, her expression betrays the sheer shock she feels running through her being, stunned by her own audacity. And then, she configures her expression into a magnificent dissolve of triumph and thrill, realizing that she can get away with it.

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