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‘Blackmail’ review: Dark Side of the Toon

By on April 8, 2018

Reading Time: 5 minutesDirector Abhinay Deo spins a whacky, roller-coaster ride of a murderous movie, headlined by a terrific top-of-the-charts performance by Irrfan Khan.


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‘Hindi Medium’ review: Nightmare on Ed. Street

By on May 22, 2017

Reading Time: 6 minutesIt was so with Anurag Mathur’s The Inscrutable Americans, where to me, the highlight was the letters Gopal wrote from the USA to his younger brother in India. And it was so with the photocopied page of a foreign magazine that I had in my possession, listing signage across the world, ostensibly meant to guide […]

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‘Inferno’ review: Dark Brown Template

By on October 15, 2016

Reading Time: 5 minutesAuthor Dan Brown cracked the template of success amidst the bosky of financial turkeys he churned out initially. Set stories in a 24-hour template, add dollops of historical scientific documentation, real-life dark societies and their practices, and cults; add to this mix modern technology, the works of venerated Renaissance artists or scientists, a test-tube of […]

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