‘Shakuntala Devi’ review: Vidya Balan elevates a spritzy take on an enigma

Reading Time: 3 minutes Director Anu Menon keeps it light and pacy, not pausing even she ought to have. But with Vidya Balan around, an enigma becomes humane.

‘Tumhari Sulu’ review: Dream Your Dream, But…

Reading Time: 5 minutes In Vidya Balan do you find a carefully studied, thoughtful portrayal of a wife and a mother packed away amongst millions of others like her in the far-flung city suburbs, rushing through the morning routine to pack off her husband, Ashok (Manav Kaul) and son Pranav (Abhishek Sharrma, portraying all the angst and fun so naturally), adrenaline pumping, high steam pressure stewing to ensure they get their breakfast on time, and everything else ready for them to scoot out the house. In her act do you find the sudden listlessness of a mid-morning, the heartbeat quieter, the pace languid, the clew of her life sliding into a routine that could turn foggy with despair. Sulu, thankfully, is made of stronger stuff, and spends her day participating in dial-in radio contests, and actually winning along the way, an assortment of household items that may be useful or back-up as giveaway presents.

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