Geeta Dutt: the voice that stirs the unknown

No one else could add that mischievous mystique to that crazy thing called love like Geeta Dutt did. Her voice is the sillage of memories, emotions, and feelings you didn’t know existed. Until her voice gently points you in the direction of sensitive brushes and darting blushes.

For this number from the 1958 thriller Police, Hemant Kumar reprises his antara from Sachin Dev Burman‘s Chhup Hai Dharti (House No. 44). But that’s not why this is a beauty. It’s in the dreamy waltz that the composer-singer employs to go into a slo-mo gliding spin with his singer, Geeta Dutt. If he’s on a gentlemanly slow simmer all through, she wafts around the song like a cloud. A cloud that you can admire from afar, but once you’re amidst its melodic layers, you can’t see anything for miles around. Just the feelings that she weaves around your senses.

Geeta Dutt’s vocals exude that enigmatic lightness of being that’s also responsible for stirring up those unknown connections and pathways. For even when you’re a flitting cloud, you’re filled with emotions that’ll burst into a flood of cascading droplets someday. Geeta Dutt was one such cloud from the heavens.